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Image Consultancy

Glam Your Image will help you match who you are and will present you to the world, starting from your inner beauty and your self-confidence.

We will transform your image by helping you find your true color, tones and shades, we will measure your true body shape and scaling and we will evaluate and organize your closet in order to make you shine from inside with your new glamorous looks.

Our aim is to lead you to develop your shopping skills with a “Healthy Closet” to match your new image.

Etiquette and Protocol

Etiquette is a code of polite behavior in society or among other members that lays out the expectations for social conduct, according to contemporary conventional norms within a particular profession, society, social class or group.

Protocol is the following and understanding of rules and acceptable behavior used in official ceremonies and occasions.

Glam Your Image will help you act confidently in different cultures and environments whether you are in a business or social context, by giving you a step up to success on both.

Training Workshops

Glam Your Image workshops can provide specialist training in:

  • Image impact – The impact you have on people around you
  • Company and Staff Image Consistency – Projecting the image you want for your whole company
  • How to look younger and thinner – through wardrobe choices, styling and accessories.
  • …and more.
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Etiquette and Protocol
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Training Workshops
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First of all, I am happy to have Elisabete Reis as a friend, because I was sure that any change she recommended was going to be welcomed and in sync with my personality ...
I can tell by just looking at her: she is an example of good taste and sense of style.

Vivian Grilo

Elisabete has a fabulous talent in image consulting, she is very professional and understands my needs and she has an incredible and impeccable taste for dothing.
Elisabete taught me my good colors and styles and I was fascinated to learn that.
Now I always think about what colors I should wear, it's amazing the experience.
I would highly recommend Elisabete's services to anyone else who needs a touch of class.

Miguel Heitor

Sport Manager Football
“Elisabete Reis recommended welcomed changes in sync with my personality. My perspective was definitely changed and improved regarding clothing style, colours and accessories. I feel prettier and happier with my new look.”

Marta Knowly

“It’s been a great experience working with you on my image. The way you approach each subject and the passion you put into your work makes me feel comfortable to leave my image on your hands…I absolutely feel lighter and can see my skin face shining even without make up on.”

Monica Garcia

“Elisabete is very talented and professional and knows how to make things happen. It was a wonderful experience, and I learned a lot about myself and the way I could improve my body and soul. She explained all the steps to dress my body in a positive way.!”

Lisa Hening