GLAM Magazine recently asked me to share “The happiest memory of your wedding”…..

This simple request started a roller coast of emotions.

Remembering my wedding is already an overwhelming thought as I had such a happy blessed wedding.

But the most beautiful and painful memory is of my mom who I recently lost due to a deadly stroke at the young age of 59 years old….She was truly the happiest person at my wedding, she prepared everything by herself and did her best.

I was living in China at the time, and my wedding was going to take place in Portugal, I arrived a week before the wedding and everything was ready. My mom and dad were absolutely amazing, they did all they could to make my wedding an amazing day and they succeeded. It was a very beautiful, happy, fun and enjoyable day.

I have millions of happy memories of my wedding day…but the happiest of all is remembering the faces of my mom and dad and how proud and truly happy they were on this day.

I cherish this beautiful memory of my mom and dad filled with unconditional love sharing a beautiful moment with their daughter.