PEOPLE I ADMIRE for their sense of style and elegance:

UK – Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Some say she’s boring, not creative and plays it safe all the time.

Playing it safe????
She’s taking the biggest risks in repeating outfits when the press and general public are so keen to condemn.

That is probably what I admire the most, her courage to repeat looks! I JUST LOVE THAT!
God forbid I could only wear my favorite dress or shirt once…ridiculous!

Why should she or any public figure be any different? It actually shows that you can have all the money in the world dress all the brands you love but do as you like instead of what others like.
She’s smart, knows what she likes and feels happy with her choices.
Why should she be dressing differently? Just to be considered a risk taker or more daring or more creative or whatever?

I strongly admire her for wearing exactly what she likes and feels most comfortable with, in an elegant, classy minimalist style.

Catherine is becoming one of the most influential women of her generation and if she keeps dressing who she is and from the heart her style and choices will only get better.