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A Day in the Life of… Elisabete Reis

What is image consultancy? “The best definition I can give you is by the AICI -Association of Image Consultants International.” An image consultant guides you in presenting yourself to your best advantage and in expressing your [...]

What’s Up Doha – Talk Show Interview

My name is Elisabete

My name is Elisabete, I am a wife and a mom. I am also an Image Consultant and Stylist thats my other job. I love what I do! Not talking about being a wife and [...]

Wedding memories

GLAM Magazine recently asked me to share “The happiest memory of your wedding”….. This simple request started a roller coast of emotions. Remembering my wedding is already an overwhelming thought as I had such a [...]

Fashionably captivating – Sheikha Mozah – Qatar

Qatar – Sheikha Mozah A lot has been said already about this amazing woman, mother, style icon and Queen! Sheikha Mozah wears her stylish pieces like a second skin! I have seen hundreds of pictures [...]

Fashionably Captivating – Sofia Carvalho – Portugal

Portugal –  Sofia Carvalho The beautiful Portuguese journalist impresses everywhere she goes! With her everyday smart casual approach she is followed by many. She looks classic and irreverent at the same time and usually her [...]

Fashionably Captivating – Faye Wong – China

CHINA – Faye Wong The talented and successful Chinese singer-songwriter and actress is a serious case of popularity in Asia. A very private person, highly influential and a cultural icon, her style is creative and [...]

A hole in my heart

Mommy, This anniversary instead of remembering the last two years without you, I decided to celebrate all the years we've spent together. I no longer want to think about that tragic day 2 years ago, [...]

Glam Your Sports

Was watching the game last night, and my national team won! I married a sportsman and have been living surround by sports clothes and gear for 12 years now. Sports is a big part of [...]

Glam Your Image – Wear the right bra

To those of you who know me or worked with Glam Your Image before, know how important I consider undergarments, and how much time I dedicate to the Bra and Undergarments Consultation. Beauty comes from [...]

Fashionably Captivating – Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

PEOPLE I ADMIRE for their sense of style and elegance: UK – Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge Some say she’s boring, not creative and plays it safe all the time. Playing it safe???? She’s taking the [...]

Glam Your Image and rubber Flip Flops (commonly know as Havaianas)!

I have a love/hate relationship with rubber Flip Flops (havaianas) J The love: Two of my dear friends are Havaianas fanatics! They have one in each color to match their outfits! I would look at [...]

Marsala – Pantone Color of 2015

And since we are approaching 2015 in speed light lets have a quick look at Pantone’s color of the new year. The announced color is Marsala described by Pantone as the color of chocolate or [...]

Photoshop – Blessing or Curse?

Let's capture this moment to treasure forever! Click! Oh no...I look terrible 🙁 Wait... No problem! Everyone's best friend is here to save the moment! Let me introduce Miss Photoshop! Every girl's best friend. Sometimes [...]

The East India Company launches tea tasting service in Qatar

One of its most popular event bookings in its London Mayfair branch, tea tasting is ideal for beginners and connoisseurs alike introducing  a range of exclusive white, green, oolong and black tea, along with insights [...]