Was watching the game last night, and my national team won!

I married a sportsman and have been living surround by sports clothes and gear for 12 years now.

Sports is a big part of my life and I confess I am a tennis girl when it comes to style but a football fan at heart.

With a husband and 2 boys crazy about football my laundry basket is daily filled with jerseys, shorts and socks.

When I open the boys closet and see all those jerseys and shorts (almost alike) I feel really happy that my little girl and I can have a sports closet way more diverse!!

We have cute dresses to play tennis (well…they are meant to play tennis), we have cute shorts and skirts, tops in every color and style, 2 pieces sets, 1 piece set, matching accessories and so on.

The boys have their jerseys, shorts and socks and the only decision to make is which club are they wearing and even that is not very hard because they have almost everything from the same club!

I love to dress for every occasion and if sports is the occasion then lets dress for sports in style!

It feels so much better to exercise when you are well dressed! So go ahead and Glam Your Sports wear!

This is my national team favorite Kit! It is brilliant congrats to the designer!