To those of you who know me or worked with Glam Your Image before, know how important I consider undergarments, and how much time I dedicate to the Bra and Undergarments Consultation.

Beauty comes from within and that applies to clothes also.

Dressing starts from inside out, and the better your undergarments are, the better the clothes will look on you, the better you will feel and look.

Our bra help us in many ways; shape our breasts, enhance or reduce the volume, creates a smooth line under clothing, boosts our confidence but most importantly provides support!

Bras come in all kinds of styles and fabrics in different cup sizes and band measurement and it can be incredibly overwhelming to choose or try to choose the right bra.

Most women I know wear the same bra cup and band size for years! “I was always a 36B”!

Due to changes in your body like puberty, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain or loss, breast surgery augmentation or other, you should be measured every 6 months to a year!

Measurements can be really tricky sometimes and you can be a 34 in a specific style/brand and be a 36 in another. Sometimes a 34C is not available and a 36B will do the exact same job. Just because B is thought to be smaller than a C doesn’t mean it actually is! A cup B is just smaller than a C in the same band size.

So forget about numbers and just make sure you take the bra that really fits home!

Happy shopping and do not forget to Glam Your Image always.