I have a love/hate relationship with rubber Flip Flops (havaianas) J

The love:

Two of my dear friends are Havaianas fanatics! They have one in each color to match their outfits!

I would look at them and think “Wow gorgeous face/hair/accessories, nice top, nice pants/shorts/skirt or even nice dress….and going down……Oh NOOOO rubber flip flops!!!!!!” JJ

Being the two of them absolutely gorgeous girls with an incredible sense of style I often questioned them “Why??”, “Why do you wear them all the time”!

Most of the time the answer was “Cause its easier”..”They are just there”..”They match everything”…”I’m lazy!”…”They don’t hurt my feet”..”I cant wear heels”. J

I am talking about two girls whom I know very well and who have gorgeous sandals in their closet J!

I think that rubber flip flops became so famous and globally accepted, people are simply lazy to wear another shoe giving all sorts of excuses including; “It is chic now to wear Havaianas” as I heard a lady saying the other day.

The hate:

As practical and easy going they can be…They are not chic, not elegant; don’t make you look nice in your normal clothes on a trip to the mall or even having lunch at a nice restaurant, even if the color is the same of your t-shirt! J

There is only one thing worse then a rubber flip flop walking in the mall, it’s a clog (commonly know as Crocs)!

Please leave those to your children ONLY!!!! If you do own them and have to wear clogs make sure it is at home while gardening when no one else can see you!!!!! JJ

Rubber Flip flops come in every color, and as much as I like them to go to the pool or beach, that’s it!

Try to limit the use of rubber flip flops to the beach or the pool, or for a pedicure if you are on the go.

Also wearing flip flops everyday makes it harder to put on other shoes specially closed shoes since your feet become wider and used to be on the loose J

There are so many low heels or no heels, flat, comfortable but dressier options to the rubber flip flops that, I with one of my dear friends, and her shoes, did a very fun day at Glam Your Image Havainas VERSUS dressy sandals!

So ladies keep the simple rubber flip flops to the pool or beach and love your feet by choosing dressier options and changing your looks completely!

Remember to Glam Your Image with LOVE every day! <3