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My name is Elisabete

My name is Elisabete, I am a wife and a mom. I am also an Image Consultant and Stylist thats my other job. I love what I do! Not talking about being a wife and a mom because that is for sure the most important and gratifying thing I do. Talking about my other job [...]

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Wedding memories

GLAM Magazine recently asked me to share “The happiest memory of your wedding”….. This simple request started a roller coast of emotions. Remembering my wedding is already an overwhelming thought as I had such a happy blessed wedding. But the most beautiful and painful memory is of my mom who I recently lost due to [...]

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Fashionably captivating – Sheikha Mozah – Qatar

Qatar – Sheikha Mozah A lot has been said already about this amazing woman, mother, style icon and Queen! Sheikha Mozah wears her stylish pieces like a second skin! I have seen hundreds of pictures of HH in different styles and colors and probably from the hundreds I saw I could only pick up 3 [...]

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Fashionably Captivating – Sofia Carvalho – Portugal

Portugal –  Sofia Carvalho The beautiful Portuguese journalist impresses everywhere she goes! With her everyday smart casual approach she is followed by many. She looks classic and irreverent at the same time and usually her choices fare spot on. I would love to see her in Dolce and Gabbana and Roberto Cavalli. She’s a good [...]

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Fashionably Captivating – Faye Wong – China

CHINA – Faye Wong The talented and successful Chinese singer-songwriter and actress is a serious case of popularity in Asia. A very private person, highly influential and a cultural icon, her style is creative and dramatic but she has this completely subtleness and almost discreet at times. She’s a good example of wearing a bit [...]

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A hole in my heart

Mommy, This anniversary instead of remembering the last two years without you, I decided to celebrate all the years we've spent together. I no longer want to think about that tragic day 2 years ago, but instead I want to remember everyday of every year we lived happily. Want to treasure all the memories of [...]

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Glam Your Sports

Was watching the game last night, and my national team won! I married a sportsman and have been living surround by sports clothes and gear for 12 years now. Sports is a big part of my life and I confess I am a tennis girl when it comes to style but a football fan at [...]

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Glam Your Image – Wear the right bra

To those of you who know me or worked with Glam Your Image before, know how important I consider undergarments, and how much time I dedicate to the Bra and Undergarments Consultation. Beauty comes from within and that applies to clothes also. Dressing starts from inside out, and the better your undergarments are, the better [...]

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Fashionably Captivating – Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

PEOPLE I ADMIRE for their sense of style and elegance: UK – Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge Some say she’s boring, not creative and plays it safe all the time. Playing it safe???? She’s taking the biggest risks in repeating outfits when the press and general public are so keen to condemn. That is probably what I admire [...]

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Glam Your Image and rubber Flip Flops (commonly know as Havaianas)!

I have a love/hate relationship with rubber Flip Flops (havaianas) J The love: Two of my dear friends are Havaianas fanatics! They have one in each color to match their outfits! I would look at them and think “Wow gorgeous face/hair/accessories, nice top, nice pants/shorts/skirt or even nice dress….and going down……Oh NOOOO rubber flip flops!!!!!!” [...]

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